Oneida and Caleb have been such big blessings in my life! They are the directors for the University of Arizona Chi Alpha and they are always ready and willing to serve. Their love story is one I love to hear over and over again. Check out what Oneida has to say today. I love her words of wisdom and quirky perspective!

Wedding Date: March 7, 2010

Favorite Thing about being married: Where do I start? I love being married. But my most favorite thing is learning more what marriage means every day. At the beginning, I would get frustrated about stuff – like if we didn’t see eye to eye or couldn’t figure out things in our relationship. I would see it as something impossible to overcome or a mark that something was wrong with us. Caleb would always point us to God and say ‘one day at a time’. Over time, I’ve learned that instead of seeing these challenges as negative, I see them as something positive and incredible. That I get to learn how to be married for the rest of my life and that the commitment we made means that I get to learn and grow in love and respect for him for the rest of my life. I really love that marriage has made me a more humble, respectful, honest, loving, understanding person. And I only will become more of that as time goes on, because trust me, there is a lot more!

Most Unique Thing about Your Wedding: I don’t think our wedding was very unique, but we certainly felt like everyone was there to have a good time, that they really came to see us get married and didn’t care about what everything looked like or any of those other things that seem so important about a wedding but in the end, are not. We know this because we had an outdoor wedding and it rained. Hard. Like ice cold, pouring down, windy rain. One of my favorite wedding memories is, right before I stepped out of the door to walk down the aisle, the owner of the house where we got married held out my umbrella and whispered to me, “You have the best guests we’ve ever had.” Later I learned that they asked the crowd if they would rather wait for the rain to subdue or start the wedding and they gave up a big cheer and said “Let’s do it!!!” The owner and his family kept thanking us for being so accommodating about the rain and saying that our guests were the most kind and fun people. I couldn’t have been more proud of our family and our community.

Something You Learned about Your Spouse Post Wedding: Caleb is a reserved person, so it has been great seeing sides to him that no one (or very few people) get to see. I learned that there is so much more to him than what he shows to others and that not everyone desires to show off who they are or what they do to the world. He loves to do things for people and doesn’t care if they know that it is him or not. For example, once he secretly fixed our friend’s car window. He bought the part and snuck over to his house with his tools and fixed it while he was at class or work or something. I got super excited too, and I asked Caleb, ‘What did he say???” And Caleb replied that he hadn’t even told him that he did it. He just wanted him to be surprised. I think eventually the guy found out it was Caleb but I just loved that Caleb didn’t even think of telling him. He loves serving people and doesn’t expect any credit for it.

Favorite Place for Date Night: We are working harder on going out on dates. I got pregnant after 2 months of marriage and we had 2 kids right in a row, and we weren’t very diligent about making time for ourselves. Also, we work a lot of nights, so we end up doing more date lunches/days. My favorite date so far has been going to the thrift store and buying random things or challenging each other to buy clothes that are more outside of the box for us. I like doing things that don’t include just sitting and eating because Caleb is more of an introverted person and not a conversationalist, so doing more active things helps.

Biggest Word of Marriage Advice: Your marriage is more important than what you want and it’s more important than being right. It is a commitment and a covenant that you made that is bigger than yourself. It is an opportunity to be a part of something bigger and more complicated and more beautiful and stronger than you could ever be and you have to treat it that way.



Happy 28th anniversary to my dears parents!

Thank you for being a great example of true, unconditional love.


It’s the age old story…The woman gets the ring so she obviously needs to hurry and get in perfect shape for the best day of her life. Trust me, I have already had moments where I try to strategize a way to look ideal on my wedding day. I first want to say, do not worry about the pressure of “looking perfect” because no matter what you look like on that day, you will look perfect. I’ve always heard your wedding day is the best day of your life so please do not ruin it for yourself! Love yourself! Today I am sharing a few tips and tricks that have helped me being my sweating for the wedding journey. I hope you enjoy and if you have any words of advice let me know! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated!

list1   This method to my madness is probably the most effective. One has to realize if you are going to lose the weight, it is not going to drop off automatically (I wish!). Therefore, set mini goals along the way. 5, 10, or 15 pounds can all be markers depending on how much you want to lose. If time is permitting, set wedding related goals! Things like  ” I want to lose _____ pounds before I try on wedding dresses” or ” I want to lose _______ pounds before we take our engagement photos”. If you’re engagement length allows for these types of goals, then set them! It kind of tricks my mind because I am thinking about how excited I am to get there rather than how long it is taking.

list2   They say journaling helps the soul and while I am not one for journaling everything, I do believe this really helps! Write down why you want to do this and go beyond the “I just want to be skinny”. It goes a lot deeper than that and you may not even realize it until you really stop and consider it! One of my biggest reasons why is because my whole entire life I have dreamed of my wedding day. The way I look, the dress I wear, the flowers I hold, etc. So the last thing I want is something holding me back from what I’ve always dreamed of! There are a lot of things you cant control when planning your wedding, but you can control this! Overall, really think about why and when you realize all the reasons why, it will motivate to keep going.

list3  Okay, the last thing my fiance needs to do is lose weight, but having that partner and encouragement really helps! He knows my reasons for wanting this so he helps push me to my goals. Since he wants to help, we created little schedules together. For example, we go to the gym together at least three times a week. This doesn’t mean he is my personal trainer three times a week (no way!), but rather he makes sure I actually go three  times a week! Having your best friend/soon to be Mr. on board really helps the whole process. The accountability will keep you going when you feel like giving in and celebrate with you when you’re getting closer!

list4  Self-explanatory. Do not too hard on yourself. When you beat yourself up about things, you always want to just forget about it! Know that the process takes time and effort. If you slip up, bounce back! It will all be worth it in the end!

list5  As I’ve said earlier, think about the end result. The best is yet to come so keep on going!